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Employer Shared Responsibility


Employer Shared Responsibility & ACA Compliance, New Updates Posted February 13th, 2014   The Treasury Department made a few new announcements Monday regarding the Affordable Care Act and its requirements, which officials say was enacted to provide transition relief for employers with special circumstances. The final rules were published yesterday and can be found here…. Read more »

Build Trust


Trust is essential when building a healthy and productive work environment.¬†Whether you’re leading an entire department or work hand-in-hand with a just a few coworkers, it’s important to build trusting relationships. Here are several tips to help build trust with both your coworkers and your superiors: Be honest and share information completely. Be straightforward and… Read more »

Get Motivated


I don’t know about you, but quite frankly I’m sick of hearing about the tough economy.¬† So today, we’re going to focus on 5 ways to turn negative thoughts into positive action. You have a lot of potential – start recognizing it! You may not be built like Arnold Schwarzenegger or be mistaken for a… Read more »